Fund Update

Remember our email message last April that discussed the PIMCO All Asset All Authority Fund? We wanted you to know that Morningstar gave it its highest pick this week. Here’s what they wrote:

PIMCO All Asset All Authority (PAUDX) is one of the very few allocation funds that actually remained in the black, with a 4.4% return only down slightly from a 6.4% return at the end of July. Manager Rob Arnott has been bearish on the United States for years due in large part to the federal deficit. This fund gives him wide discretion to invest wherever he sees the best opportunities. He had a 12% short-position bet against U.S. stocks, and was long some emerging markets and PIMCO Unconstrained Bond‘s (PFIUX) portfolio.

(This is the April message)

*This month we’d like to share some additional details about one of the funds: PIMCO All Asset All Authority Fund

GOAL OF FUND (as noted in PIMCO Single Sheet):

  • Protect from inflation
  • Outperform the Consumer Price Index by 6.5%


  • Diversification around the world
  • Tactical allocation
  • Ability to short equity markets
  • Use variety of PIMCO funds

This is one of many excellent investments you may find in your portfolio. If you’d like more details, please email me or bring some questions to your next appointment.

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